Yamaha Soul I 125CC Fully automatic
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The Mio Soul i 125 is a trailblazing concept that establishes a daunting presence every rev of the way. Its bold built is an intimidating inspiration that showcases strength paralleled with a smooth lightness that is worth every second of attention. All eyes wil be locked in with a masculine and luxurious style that is complemented with superior handling. Take a ride on a machine with a demeanor of power that will take over the roads. Comes with helmet. you can request for side hanger for surfboard

My name is Angeline a local resident from the island. Our shop is open from 8 am to 7 Pm. We provide delivery to resort and hotel. We have 2 type of motorbike. Once which come with side hanger. You can put your surf board on it, 2nd without hanger. The motorbike are New and in good conduction. How is to drive in Siargao island? The road are nice and less traffic. You can drive around the island without any stress. If you wish to visit different places on the island it is cost effective to hire a scooter on Siargao Island because the habal habal motorbike taxi takes 60 PHP at the night time. It is cheaper to have your own transportation
*The renter must have a driving license, and is obliged to pay any damages of the motorbike. The motorbike must not be transported outside the province, and should not be used for illegal purposes, nor for racing.
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