Yamaha Sniper 135cc Manual
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Yamaha sniper 135cc is manual bike. 4 stock engine. it is fast and furious. is a trailblazing concept that establishes a daunting presence every rev of the way. Its bold built is an intimidating inspiration. Bike is perfect of long drive and in the city. it has big tires which has good road grip.

My name is Jack Himzon. I am the guy you will look for when visiting my location. I am an entrepreneur and mange my micro businesses. My location is inside the subdivision, which is guarded by the guard. Before arriving call me and send SMS. Make sure we have communication before you arrive at my location. If i do not answer kindly contact book2wheel customer service. The land mark is south western university quiot pardo. My location is going to south of Cebu. Best would be to take taxi. it will cost you 70 PHP from south bus terminal. When you arrive at the subdivision tell gard you want to meet boss jackie.
*We required Driving license and the renter will leave the Passport with us.
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