Yamaha YBR125cc Manual
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The YBR125 runs a 4-stroke, fuel-injected engine bringing the dual benefits of cutting back on emissions and delivering a smooth throttle response. The bike has good road grip tires. strong head light.

HI, this is Pie from Denmark. i will get you hooked up with a 100 percent maintained, safe, dependable motorcycle, while with us here in the Philippines. We provide Delivery and pick up. If something happens to the bike we will replace the bike. I speak Danish, English, local Philippine language. 3 day minimum rental for free delivery.
* 1) Rental form must be filled up completely. 2) If motorcycle is crashed, you have to pay for the full repair or replacement of the whole unit. 3) Present your valid drivers license & valid Passport. All lessee should abide by the vehicular law of the Philippines and our units should no be used in any unlawful act or manner. By law, we will have to report to the proper authorities any unlawful act committed by lessee.Motorcycle riders in the Philippines are required to wear a motorcycle helmet. We provide 2 helmet. Please drive carefully and be alert at all times there is a risk when driving a motorcycle and we will not be held accountable for any injury or heath that might arise due to accident or crash when you using motorcycle units.
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