Motorcycle GPS Tracker



his is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to track any expensive items. Simply place the tracker at anything you need to track and activate it with your phone or computer. From now on you will always know where your car, motorcycle, bicycle or boat is.

The tracker has its own battery with 10 year life expectancy, so no wiring or recharging is needed. This tough unit is waterproof and shockproof. Completely made in Denmark guarantees high quality. It has 4 different modes which you can choose from – Sleep, Live, Geofence and Alarm mode. Sleep Mode: This is a default mode which enables you to track the latest position.


Whenever the tracker moves to a new destination and is still for 5 minutes it updates its position. Live Mode: Under set up you can put the tracker in Live Mode, which means that you receive a new position every 5 minutes, providing the tracker is moving. Geofence Mode: Is a geographic area around the tracker. If moved beyond this area, the user receives an email message about the movement. You’ll receive a new position every 5 mins, providing the tracker is still moving. Alarm Mode: If you want to report a stolen object, you can do so by activating the ALARM button and entering your password.

Your secure mark, which is always included, will now be shown stolen in the system. DanTracker includes its own sim-chip with worldwide tele support enabling you to track anything – anywhere – anytime. Unlike regular trackers this one offers both a low purchase price and a low subscription cost.

Price in the Philippines

Product                 Sales price PHP (B2C)
SGTIA                           9999
SGTSPY                       10999
SGTEA                         11999

The subscription is from $5.99/month. The tracker is oblong, flat and round, with an outer diameter of 25,3 mm, a length of 202 mm and weight of 136 grams. The product will be send from Denmark their is Shipment charge. For B2B   the prices are different, Kindly send us your inquiry so we can tell you the shipment charges and price list.

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