Traveling and Intended Coincidences

Touch down in Istanbul. It’s the first layover of two on our way to India. Otto, a recent friend and coworker I met through Hostel One, has traveled India twice—once with his father on a motorcycle, and once on his own with his own bike. I was fortunate to have had the chance of meeting him a day before he left Barcelona. After talking about India for three we decided to make a plan to meet there after I finished the Yoga teacher Training I’ll be partaking in at Rishikesh…

How to apply E-visa application for Malaysia- Special guide for Pakistan citizen

e visa for Malaysia

How to apply E visa for Malaysia if you are Pakistani citizens A Pakistan passport holder can apply E visa for Malaysia and it is only cost 31 USD. You do not need an agent to do the process. You can do the whole process by your self. In this post, I will show you the steps and share my experience how I have obtained Malaysia E visa. Ling on to the website There are many websites online which can offer you the service. Each website has different prices. I paid  31…

Number of motorbike vehicles registered by LTO in the Philippines

Number of licenses and permits issued by type and mode in the Philippines by LTO

How many motorbikes were registered in 2016 by LTO in the Philippines? According to LTO annual report 2016.   1,425,956 New motorbike with sidecars were registered and 2,707,349 were renewed.  146,366 New motorbikes with sidecar were registered and 1,041,852 with out sidecar were renewed. Number of licenses and permits issued by type and mode in the Philippines by LTO 5,875,7332 Licenses were registered.  It is a total of new and renewed student permit, conductors permit, nonprofessional and professional driving license by type. To download complete report click here